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By advertising your Goods & Services in CyberSydney's local sites, you can target your customers & clients with pin-point accuracy. Our Cyber-sites reach down deeper into the community than any other web-portal.

You can choose to advertise in the local Cyber site for the area in which your business is situated. But you can also choose to advertise in other Cyber sites, if your business or organisation operates in other parts of Sydney.

You can also take an ad in www.cybersydney.com.au itself, spanning the whole of Sydney.

We offer very reasonable rates for a range of 24/7 exposures on our sites spanning banner ads, full-page ads, and customised talking avatars. Special discounts are available for ads on multiple sites.


CyberBondi is THE community site for this beachside area of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. It contains over 4000 local businesses and is the most up-to-the-minute local guide in Australia. It is, without question, the No. 1 site for the Bondi-Waverley area.

Half the six million-odd hits CyberBondi receives per year are local and half from overseas. This means a wide mix of people are interested in goods and services in the Bondi-Waverley area whether they are local residents or visitors from overseas.

We constantly update, upgrade our database details & add new businesses when they arrive in the area.

If you have a business located anywhere in Bondi-Waverley, then www.cyberbondi.com.au is the place where you'll be found.


CyberPaddo - covering the entire Paddington-Woollahra area of this Harbourside part of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs - is THE site for one of the most affluent locations in Sydney.

CyberPaddo includes more than 5000 local businesses and organisations and is growing rapidly. As with CyberBondi we constantly update & upgrade our database, making CyberPaddo far-and-away the most useful and reliable site for this part of Sydney.

If you have a business located anywhere in Woollahra www.cyberpaddo.com.au is the site where you'll be found.


CyberSouth - covering Sydney's "Commercial Gateway" from Moore Park to Botany Bay and Mascot Airport - contain ovrer 15,000 local businesses and organisations.

As with all our other sites, we constantly update & upgrade our CyberSouth database, making CyberSouth far-and-away the most useful and reliable site for this part of Sydney.

CYBERB2B - Business-to-Business

CyberB2B is a new concept for Sydney

This new site contains virtually every business in Sydney's South-East and East. It is dedicated to helping Businesses DO Business with one another.

Wee have developed a robust databse with categories designed to fit every type of business, no matter how complex it's actrivities might be.


When a potential customer visits
a CyberSydney site he or she is looking for particular goods or services. This means their mind is already set on purchasing, booking or ordering something. But they don't know where to find what they want. Our local sites guide them to their purchase.

By taking an advertising slot in a particular
Cyber section that a consumer has chosen to visit you can target them at the moment their desire for your product is hot.

Advertising this way has a number of advantages:

It doesn't annoy the customer because you can offer the best deal for what they are wanting - and you're not intruding on to those who aren't interested in what you have to offer - you are not wasting valuable ad dollars on spreading your message to people who are not interested.

You can find out exactly how many people see your ad - unlike the vague methods of advertising response employed by the Old Media.

Your ad stays up on the site for as long as you want - alive and selling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Or you can change your ad as often as you like - to announce a sale or a special, etc.


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